Our Own Angel, Love is in the Air and Staying Safe

Our Own Angel

Our community is most certainly the poorer this week and we said goodbye to one of Gods walking angels. Sheila McGrath, Ballygarron was beautiful inside and out. She had a heart full of kindness, compassion and love. She also had a sparkle and a glint in her eye and loved a joke and a laugh. She always made me feel so good about myself whenever I met her and I always walked away thinking I was quite special

Sheila’s greatest love in life was her family. She adored her husband Frankie and they were as much in love as the day they first met. She was immensely proud and honoured to be the mother of Trevor and Majella who in turn idolised their mam and this lovely family loved spending time together.

There are people you meet on the pathway of life who make a hugh influence on you or the very mention of their name brings a smile to your face, Sheila was one of those people to me. We were all blessed to have known her and she most definetly made our lives richer.

To Frankie, Trevor and Majella we extend our deepest sympathy and we remember them and Sheila in our thoughts and prayers. May her sweet, gentle soul rest in peace.


Love Is In The Air.

Watch out if you are living in the High Road area as Cupid is working overtime up there. Two young couples recently announced their engagements and so love is most certainly alive and well up there.

Emmett Power and Dawn Roberts announced their engagement while on holiday in Lanzarote before all the maddness of Covid 19 began. I’m sure that when everything settles down the couple will celebrate in style with their family and friends.

Most people find sweets or treats inside their Easter egg but when Jesie Scannell opened her egg from boyfriend Kelvin Kearns she was shocked to find an engagement ring inside. What a romantic proposal and a clever one. I mean chocolate and diamonds, a winning combination!

We wish both couples every good wish for the future and look forward to congratulating them in person at some stage in the future.


Recent Death

We extend our deepest sympathy to Shay Searson, Gortaclode on the recent death of his beloved father. Jimmy Searson was a resident of Marymount, Ferrybank where he was some what of a celebrity. As founding member of Ferrybank AFC, President of the club, Junior league chairman Jimmy was held in very high esteem. His great love for the game and for his club was evident to all as he endeavoured to attend every match and event. His dedication to the sport earned him a lifetime of football achievement award.

I had the honour of meeting Jimmy on a few occasions in the home of his son Shay and he was most definetly a real gentleman who absolutely adored his family. He would sit and listen intently to every word his grandchildren were saying and delight in hearing about their lives and interests.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Kathleen, daughter Elaine, sons Pat, Shay and Barry, grandchildren and his many many friends. We pray that he now rests in peace and I have no doubt that there will be a club founded in heaven before too long, watch out for Heavenly AFC.

Staying Safe

As the weeks go on I am sure many of you are wishing things would just go back to normal but unfortunately we must keep up our hard work for another while. I know there are many people and things to miss but turn it around and instead of missing, look forward to when you see everyone again and think of the joy of going where you want to go. It is important that we keep up the hard work as it is saving lives. I congratulate you all for obeying the guidelines and know that by working together we can beat this. Please remember that if you are struggling, need someone to talk to,need some groceries, medicines, fuel, need Post Office or Bank business done I have a list of groups and individuals who have sent me on their details and are willing to help so please dont feel alone. You can contact me on 087-9838392 and I will put you in touch with someone.